Articles by: Sudhir D'Souza

Homeopathic Medicines for Cough in Children

The other day a mother with a well 6-month old child came in to the clinic and reported that she was using a ‘natural’ medication to treat a cough. She left unhappy when I tried to dissuade her from using any medication, and suggested simple methods of support. Since, I have been wondering how to get the message across in a clearer fashion, and have decided to write this article.

As most parents know, the use of any cough suppressants in

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How to deal with a Picky Eater

‘He is such a picky eater, doctor, I am worried…’

This is a common refrain is the most common concern of parents with toddlers and other children.  As one of the original picky eaters, a fact  of which my parents always reminded me, I feel for both the children and their parents. Nutrition is a sore topic for both.  The child often feels forced to eat and the parent frustrated and powerless to address a major concern.  Like most issues between

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Help your Children stay fit

Our first Quick Tip is by Bo Parsons, Owner and Personal Trainer from Just Sweat Fitness Studio. In this Quick Tip, Bo introduces the importance of spending quality time with our kids to help them keep active and fit!

Infant and Child Penis Care

Penis Care – Is circumcision necessary?

Many parents who have chosen not to circumcise their son worry if they have made the right decision and are often confused on how to take care of the penis, especially as a toddler or an infant. Their worry reflects a common North American belief that circumcision is a better option because it is more hygienic and easier to maintain a circumcised penis. This is rubbish.

There is NO MEDICAL INDICATION for routine male circumcision (1).

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What should I do if my Infant is Constipated?

In this Article I cover one of the more frequent topics raised during visits to the London Pediatric Clinic – Infant Constipation.

What is Constipation?

Most folks believe that constipation refers to the infrequency of bowel movements. Actually, constipation refers to the compactness and the difficulty of passing stools. Although the consistency and number of stools varies with age and between children, no child should struggle and pass hard stools. For example, some breastfed newborns pass yellow seedy stools with every feed.

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