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Written by Sudhir D'Souza on July 26, 2013

When I was growing up, I remember going outside with my friends and playing from morning until night.  My friends and I would play any and every sport possible and even make up our own games!  Some were weird like touch the highest branch of a tree!! 

I think back and I just laugh at how creative we were, but it all led to a very active and healthy lifestyle that I continue to lead as a personal trainer and nutrition coach today.  We are now facing what experts call an obesity epidemic on one hand and an equally dangerous rise in eating disorders on the other.

Why? We have all become too busy! So, our children and we eat on the run from one activity to another poor quality food with speed being its only redemption. Social media and video games often consume the rest of our children’s extracurricular time. At the same time, our children are told in schools that obesity is a growing problem, and are faced on a daily basis with images of ‘perfect’ bodies made more unrealistic with computer enhancement. Add it all together and you get the extremes families are facing today.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will provide simple tips and strategies to help families – YES FAMILIES – to try and address their health and fitness.  Families stay in shape together!

The first tip is the simplest and the hardest. Make small, easy changes over time.

For example, let’s first take 15 minutes out of everyday and do something active with our loved ones.  That’s it! Fifteen minutes a day will do wonders for your children and um………YOU!! Our health as we grow older is a whole other topic, but 15-30 minutes of ANY activity will help control most health issues we are facing.

So, start with a 15-minute simple quick walk through your neighbourhood or 15-minutes playing a game that gets you and your family moving. Next, work your way up with small easy steps to 30 minutes a day.

Sounds pretty easy, yes?  Okay, focus on doing this everyday for 1 week.

Next week, we will talk about healthy eating strategies.  For the time being, check out this site for some information on healthy eating

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